easily setup a pay per use WiFi hotspot with Meraki

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Many high traffic business would like to set up a pay WiFi  hotspots to earn extra income.  If your business is in a busy area with business people or commuters and you don't offer pay WiF you have a untapped income stream.  Cellphone data service is expensive and spotty so users with mobile devices are always looking for faster cheaper WiFi.

Until now it has has been difficult and expensive requiring either building your own own solution or paying someone else to manage it.

But with a cloud managed access point like the Meraki MR12 it is quick and easy.

Just install the hardware and you can manage the entire solution over the Internet with a web browser.  You can easily add additional access points to increase coverage and capacity and they will all be making you money for day 1.

First setup a splash page with your logo and name

Then enable a billing plan and enter how much you want to charge and how much bandwidth to allow.


Then when the user connects to your hotspot they will see the available plans and a place to login.

They can pay for your service with a credit card.

Then Meraki will deposit the profits into your paypal account it is as easy as that.

click here for more information on the meraki MR12